About Us

We are proud of the role our company plays in the health of our shared real estate ecosystem.  We take pride in our role in preserving and reinvigorating neighborhoods through private investment, all the while protecting property values, the enjoyment and appearance of the community and increasing the tax base from those improving property values.  We buy houses in Phoenix, as-is, even your neighbor’s eyesore.


We'll Buy Your House AS-IS
We’ll Buy Houses AS-IS in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

We also provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of their sticky situations… like pending foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, or really just about anything else.   On the other end of your call or email are our people, some of whom have experienced the same types of property nuisances or hardships themselves, and our respectful approach to your circumstances reflects the type of empathy and proactive attitude you’d expect.

Property Cartwheel is a real estate solutions company that’s actually based in Phoenix, AZ.  We’re a locally grown and owned business and we focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problem whether you can’t sell your property or just need to sell your house for all kinds of reasons.

How We Work With Homeowners

In a nutshell, we help sellers unlock trapped equity in properties many of them would otherwise lose.  We buy distressed properties, often presenting an offer we’ll walk you through within just a few hours after making our first contact.  We put earnest money in escrow, and work to close in days.  If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

 Our core beliefs about our business are reinforced  in our daily pursuit of “win-win” solutions for both buyer and seller in every transaction.  “You’ll only do a win-lose once, regardless of who’s on the losing end.”  Our customers experience this from the very first point of contact and work with you every step of the way.  Give us a call today!


Support Team:

Everything we do is made possible by the support of our team.  With backgrounds as varied as programmer, analyst, realtor,  teacher turned entrepreneur… The common thread is the personal experience each has had with the good, the bad and the ugly of real estate in their own lives and that is at the root of the empathy and dedication each has for our clients.  The specialize is alleviating headaches.  Why wait?  Give us a call today! home buyers


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5 Ways To Stop or Avoid Foreclosure In Today’s Market – FREE Guide:

Need more information on the foreclosure process and How To Stop Foreclosure?  Download our FREE Stop Foreclosure Guide here. Or, you can always feel free to Contact us anytime if you have questions, want a no hassle Situation Evaluation, or want to just learn more about how we can help homeowners avoid foreclosure or sell unwanted properties for cash.